Ellen Stewart(non-registered)
I chose Jenifer Studios, quite frankly, because they were very close to my home. I really had no expectations because I always considered myself very un-photogenic and have been constantly disappointed with almost every photograph of me.

Jenifer completely changed the way I see myself in pictures! She is exceptionally personable, highly professional and immensely talented.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for top-quality photos for any occasion!
Ada Marin, M.D.(non-registered)
I contracted Jenifer Studios to photograph my parents' 60th wedding anniversary mass & celebration on March 18th, 2017. From my initial contact, I knew I had found the right photographer. Jenifer is professional, friendly, & had great suggestions for our event. Our photographer for the day, Robert, was fantastic! He seemed to be everywhere, capturing every moment, suggesting beautiful shots with my parents & family members. Jenifer Studios helped make our celebration a wonderful success. Jenifer & her photographer, Robert, exceeded my expectations!! I recommend them enthusiastically & most highly!
Jody Shilan(non-registered)
We have several important events each year and will only work with Jenifer Studios. Their professionalism and quality are second to none. Jenifer and her photographers are incredible at capturing those special moments that others would miss. The smiles in peoples eyes, the unique expressions in their faces and the excitement and energy of the night.

Their ability to tell the story of your event, from beginning to end, through individual images, is truly amazing and well worth the investment. We have learned the hard way, that you only have one chance to get these things right. Working with an inexperienced or discount photographer will not only ruin your evening, but also, a lifetime of memories.

Thank you again Jenifer for making each and every one of our events uniquely memorable.
Allana & Vinny(non-registered)
Jenifer and her staff was just amazing at our wedding. Her staff and her self overcame all our expectation and our pictures and Video came out just amazing. Jenifer has a great easy going personality that involves everyone around her. She is committed has great communications skills and answer all my million question right away. Therefore I can say I had the dreamed wedding due to great moments but the most important I had the best photographer and videographer. We thank you guys for making our wedding date so special with high quality photos and video.

Thank you again for all
I look forward working with you all again.
Desiree Robles
Our dream wedding pictures came alive because of Jenifer studio! We are so happy we chose Jenifer to do our photography for the wedding! Thank you Jenifer, Alicia, and the team!
Krista Siek
Jenifer Studio and her team did an amazing job! We got married June 11, 2016 and I honestly couldn't be happier with how our pictures came out! They are simply breath taking! We had our reception at Il Villaggio and they highly recommended her and I am glad that we took their advice! Jenifer is such a wonderful person and her whole team is very helpful and great to work with! The pictures they took came out beautiful and I wouldn’t change anything about them. They provide fast service and great quality in the work they do! It was very difficult picking out a handful of pictures to have into our album. I can’t get enough of our pictures! Jenifer has a great team of people and I would recommend her to anyone that asks for a photographer! They know how to capture the moment and treat you like a person and not like a client. Thank you for everything you have done for us!
Hillary & Matthew(non-registered)
Jenifer and her team did a beautiful job on our wedding photos. Their attention to detail the day of our wedding was excellent. They were professional, friendly, hardworking, and extremely talented. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
From our initial meeting to all the days that followed leading up to the BIG day, Jenifer was so wonderful to work with- she was welcoming, professional, organized, knowledgeable, passionate about her work/clients and extremely talented. I must say, the same if true for her entire staff (especially Jimmy who was our second photographer on our day). It is also important for me to highlight Jenifer’s bright/positive/fun personality—which is extremely contagious! Jenifer is incredible at what she does and a true joy to be around!

Jenifer shot our engagement session— and the pictures came out gorgeous. We loved them so much we had some printed to showcase on the day of our wedding! Between the engagement session and the BIG day, Jenifer and her staff (Alicia) were ALWAYS quick to respond to all my many questions. Jenifer and her team built a day of schedule to ensure the timing of all the pictures on the day-of run smoothly and efficiently—something I am most grateful for as it alleviated a lot of stress that goes along with the planning of your day. Often times you will hear horror stories that the photographer kept interrupting the bridge/groom for a picture here..there..and everywhere. NOT with Jenifer! Because Jenifer and her team plan out the play-by-play of your day with you the couple weeks prior, they are able to ensure most of the formal/romantic pictures are already cared for by the time the reception begins. Allowing them to then capture the fun and love being celebrated with you and your guests—and of course allowing you and your significant other to ENJOY the celebration.

We had a difficult time selecting the photos for our album because THEY WERE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! Jenifer and Jimmy did a phenomenal job to ensure the entire day ran smoothly and perfectly captured all our special memories and beautiful details. Oh, and I can’t even count the number of compliments we received on the ‘Thank You’ cards Jenifer so beautifully and artistically designed for us!!

WE ARE SO THANKFUL to have had Jenifer and her tremendous team be a part of our ‘Wedding Team’. One of the best decisions we made along the wedding planning journey!
Carla & Everson's Wedding June 26, 2016(non-registered)
Jenifer and Roberto were the photographers in our wedding and we loved their work. Jenifer was very attentive with the time which it was something really needed during our wedding. They made sure we got all the beautiful shots that a bride and a groom would love to have on their wedding day, from the bride preparation to the ceremony, bridal party, and reception all beautiful shots. Jenifer is very professional , she directs you with posing, smiling, all the great tips that will assure you and give you certainty that your pictures will be great. Jenifer is really easy to work with, I had some corporate shots taken by her a couple months before the wedding and when I saw the outcome of the pictures I instantly knew, I had to book her for our wedding, and I am really happy I did. I would definitely recommend Jenifer Studio Photography .
Kathryn & Mitchell's Wedding(non-registered)
Beautiful Photos :)

Before we even had the church or reception hall booked, my Dad had called Jenifer Studio and requested that they photograph our wedding. He did this with confidence because he first used Jenifer to do our family's Christmas photos 26 years ago and knew she would do beautiful work. As a bride, I didn't want to disappoint my Dad, but I wanted to be 100% sure of our photographer before we booked for one of the most important days of my life. When we met with Jenifer for the first time, my now-husband and I were impressed by her beautiful and creative photos and especially the photo books she creates for the bride and groom and their parents. I was hopeful that we could have some good photos with her and agreed with my Dad to go ahead and book her. That day, Jenifer took us out to do some engagement photos. From the first session, Jenifer took the time to teach me and my husband how to move our bodies to look taller and slimmer and for me to look curvy and gorgeous (and what bride doesn't want that?) and also how to position our faces to get our best possible angles. She taught my husband how to dip me properly. :)
When we first saw our engagement photos I was BLOWN AWAY. They were so stunningly beautiful! My husband and I both looked like the best possible, glowing versions of ourselves, and none of the photos looked posed, but looked very natural. It was classic, timeless romance right there. Sometimes I struggle with being accepting of photos of myself - I wish my arms were thinner or any other silly little way that us girls tend to be hard on ourselves - and I was truly so overwhelmed with how amazing the photos looked that I LOVED how I looked and felt. Jenifer truly knows how to make you look your physical best but also to bring out that inner glow and the love you and your husband share. :)
Fast forward to our wedding day. Jenifer and David (her assistant who helped with our engagement photos and also wedding photos) were early, and they stuck to a schedule all day, even with our two ginormous families and bridal party of almost 30. I used to work weddings and I know they are ALWAYS late but we had all the photos we wanted and still arrived at the church and reception EARLY so I had time before both events to relax in our party bus. The whole evening ran smoothly and on time, which to me was a big deal and helped me truly enjoy my day. The best part was, during the reception, Jenifer and David took all candid shots and I barely realized they were there, leaving me to fully enjoy our reception - until of course, I saw the stunning photographs that resulted.
Finally, we had an after-wedding session with Jenifer to take some last photos. (Brides: if you do this and have a very fitted dress, make sure not to go crazy on the honeymoon like I did!) Jenifer had my husband and I in this beautiful state park that she recommended - we were in a shallow part of the river, on a bridge, sitting on rocks - it was creative and daring and the photos were just irresistible. My husband and I spent HOURS trying to pick our top 3 photos for our thank-you cards because they were all so beautiful.
Brides and grooms, you will not go wrong with Jenifer. She is FUN and creative and if you are open minded and willing to try some cool things (like getting in a river) you will have the most unique, glorious wedding photos.
I can't wait to book Jenifer Studio one day to do our maternity and baby shots. Well done, Jenifer and David!
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