We totally understand wanting to visit a wedding photographers site and be able to view pricing without having to ask. However, we’ve found that simply providing a bulleted list of pricing creates more questions than answers. Wedding photography and weddings as a whole are something very emotional. You need to know you like us, that we have a connection, and that we get you and get what your vision is. That can only be done by talking to us, meeting with us, being able to see/touch/feel albums and everything we have to offer. We invite you to contact us to setup a meeting so we can hear all about your big day and walk you through all of our options.

For the sake of simplicity, and providing you with more of a boutique experience that doesn’t have you worrying about missing out on any part of the services available to you—we offer all-inclusive collections.




Jenifer Studio is proud to say we have over 30 years of experience in the wedding industry.  We are proud we are able to capture each special event and wedding 



Every single digital file we deliver to our couples is 100% hand edited. Now, the definition of "edited" will vary from couple to couple and photographer to photographer, so allow us to define our editing process. We're taking every single image and adjusting the white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white, blacks, clarity, vibrance and saturation to our specific style. Then we dodge and burn images that need attention brought to the subject, and use gradient and radial filters when needed, so that your photos are exactly the way we all envisioned them.

Taking it many steps further, all physical prints, albums, and products are fully retouched and polished to make them look impeccable. This includes but is not limited to skin smoothing, background cleanup, removal of minor distractions (exit signs, stop signs, etc), stray hair removal, blemish removal, and reducing shine.


No more tiny flash drives to lose! CDs/DVDs, what are those? Every single one of our couples get their own private, password protected, online gallery. Don’t worry if Uncle Tony doesn’t have Facebook, or if Aunt Gracie keeps bothering you to send her photos—these online galleries are sharable to all of your family and friends. One link, one password, and all your album favorites—making it easy for everyone to check out your photos whenever they want—yourselves included. Easily shareable via text, email, and even social media—the days of having to send individual photos to each relative are behind us—this is where your digital files live.


This is something very special and exclusive. Being part of our Client for Life Program entitles you to one free session with us every year for the rest of our lives. That’s right, you read that correctly—for the rest of our lives, we will give you one free session every year. So as your family grows or new moments and milestones happen we’re there with you to capture them. We’ve already built an amazing relationship, we love working together, and want to be there with you to capture all of these milestones. From maternity to newborn and birthday to anniversary, you don’t have to search for a new photographer. Let's continue our relationship into the future creating and capturing more beautiful moments together.



Give your parents a gift guaranteed to make them tear up, something that mom can show off when people come over—an album just for them. We offer custom options as well as duplicates of the main wedding album.


Capture that moment when your two families are getting cozy with each other, when your dad gave that more intimate toast, and that moment when your little cousin flung his pacifier across the table into your uncle’s soup. Even the little moments matter, and we’d love to capture them for you.


A bridal session is a separate portrait session and can be done with the bride only, prior to the wedding day, or with the couple after the wedding day. These portraits can be taken anywhere, and offers us an opportunity to get more creative images outside the time and location constraints of the wedding day.


Though you will always have Lenny & Melissa together, if we all feel a third photographer would be beneficial, we have a select team of photographers we work with to enhance the coverage of your day. This would be recommended for weddings with larger guest list